If you have lost a spouse this year or in the last few years this 2 hour seminar will provide you with practical and biblical advice on how to walk this grief journey.  You can bring someone with you if coming alone is too overwhelming.  Make this event a priority for your health and healing!





The above is a one-time event, but we will offer the full GriefShare 12 week program after the first of the year.


GriefShare is a 12 week recovery group that gives a safe space to mourn, question, and learn how to walk this journey of grief. You may join at any time in the session and will find there are others who just like you, need support and guidance during this difficult time.


Whether your loss is recent or you have discovered that a previous loss (maybe years ago) is deeply impacting you, GriefShare can help. It is a FREE opportunity for you to find hope and healing!


We are currently planning a session in the new year. Details to be released soon!